Stacks FX Unveils the Thsee Anomaly Delay

The pedal is an optically controlled delay which offers a robust LFO section with tap tempo and six multipliers.

Long Beach, CA (May 8, 2018) -- Adding to the company’s well-established line of boutique guitar pedals, Stacks FX has unveiled their first delay, Thsee Anomaly. Thsee Anomaly is an optically controlled delay which offers an incredibly robust LFO section with tap tempo and six multipliers. The LFO allows for a whole host of inspiring pitch swinging delays, from lush chorus and vibrato to wild rising swells and falling star-like tones.

Thsee Anomaly Delay follows on the heels of Stacks FX successful silicon fuzz, the Fuzz Gazer, used on the Foo Fighter’s 2018 Grammy award winning single, “Run”.

Thsee Anomaly highlights include:

  • Delay controlled via an Opto-Coupler cell opening new tonal possibilities.
  • 8 Wave-form, 6 tap tempo multiplier equipped LFO section. • Momentary Swell Foot switch gives an additional slap-like hold.
  • Create new time stretching delays, Lush Chorus, Vibrato, and more.
  • Expression pedal jack make manipulating delay time a breeze. • Sound Designers Dream
  • Hand wired and hand built.

All Stacks FX pedals are designed and built in Long Beach, CA, USA. Suggested retail price is $399

For more information:
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