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Stone Deaf Introduces the Noise Reaper

Stone Deaf Introduces the Noise Reaper

A dead-simple noise gate that offers three different modes.

Manchester, England (March 16, 2020) -- Manchester-based boutique pedal brand Stone Deaf FX introduces the Noise Reaper professional noise gate. Designed for line level instruments, guitars, and basses, the Noise Reaper has evolved from our noise gate technology within our Warp Drive and Fig Fumb high-gain distortion and fuzz pedals. Tried and tested for many years in these applications with added improvements controlling unwieldy feedback and signal sources, be sure that this is one of the best noise gates on the market.

Often overlooked as a pedal category and associated with heavier styles of playing, Stone Deaf believes they are about to change all of this with the “Noise Reaper”. Tested with various styles of playing and numerous amplifiers the speed of the noise gate and the ability to adjust the threshold per style is perfect for making your tone crystal clear of any hiss, noise or hum from your amplifier or pedal chain.

The pedal consists of a “Threshold” control knob which enables you to control how much the gate opens allowing for the dynamics you want to shine through. The pedal works by taking the input sensitivity of the guitar input and the noisy signal source and comparing the two which enables you to gate unwanted noise but still be able to sustain notes if playing lead guitar sections. The LED indicates if the noise gate is on or off and it has a high-quality soft touch relay based true bypass footswitch / circuit.

What makes the “Noise Reaper” different to the main competition is the fact it can be used in 3 modes and doesn’t require a Y splitter. It has an incredibly fast and responsive gate function allowing you to sustain notes and clean up modulation pedal repeats when using noisy amps or gain pedals but without the choking or over gating effect that can often choke sustained notes or delay repeats.

The pedal uses a high quality VCA which is the THAT Corporation 2181C for this application giving transparent ultra-low distortion and high dynamic range to keep your tone sounding absolutely fantastic.

The “Noise Reaper” can operate in “Pedal” mode and “Series FX Loop” mode. You can use two Noise Reapers for absolute silence should you need to as a 3rd mode called Double up where you double up the dynamic range of the gating function.


  • THD: 0.03%
  • Dynamic Range: 120dB
  • Output Noise: 0% or -98dB
  • Power 9v Centre Negative

Stone Deaf believes for too long the noise gate category has been dominated by overpriced offerings by the market leaders so with a reasonable price of £150 / $160 / €162 they are looking to shake that category up with this exceptional offering.

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