The amp is the first in a line of Sundown tube amps that harken back to the company''s all-tube ''80s roots.

Indianapolis, IN (April 25, 2012) – Guitar players worldwide have been familiar with the solid state line of Sundown amps owned and distributed by SHS International for the past 5 years. What most players don’t know is that the original Sundown amplifiers were introduced in the 80’s as all tube designs. Now, Sundown is getting back to its roots by introducing the latest in their new Tube line of amps, the ST-5 Tube Deluxe. The Class A amp features a 12AX7 preamp with an EL84 power amp, 8” custom speaker, volume, treble and bass controls, and is rated at 5 watts. This compact amp is everything but compact when it comes to sound. The amp has great clean and overdriven British type tones. Like the original Sundown tube amps the ST-5 has a “Stage Glow” logo that illuminates when the amp is on.

• Tubes : 12AX7 preamp & EL84 power amp
• Footprint: 14.5” H, 15” W, 8.5” D, 23.5 LBS net weight.
• 8” built in speaker with 8 Ω & 16 Ω outputs and Universal AC Power Cable.
• “Stage Glow” logo.
• 5 watt output

Simplicity is the Key. 1 instrument input, 1 volume and 2 tone knobs, 2 speaker outputs, one power switch and one Universal power cord. That’s it. Nothing complicated. SHS International has not forgotten about the Sundown legacy either. The unit will come with a “Stage Glow” badge that provides a stunning red “Sundown” badge on the front that looks cool and also tells you at a glance if you’re amp is turned on or not.

This unit is poised to ship in July and is expected to retail for $399.95, street price of $249.95

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