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T-Rex Effects Unveil Six New Pedals

The new lineup includes the Diva Drive, Karma Boost, Neo Comp, Quint Machine, Shafter Wah, and Tunemaster.

T-Rex Diva Drive

Vejle, Denmark (June 18, 2014) -- T-Rex Effects, the Danish effects pedal manufacturer, has expanded its range of NEW pedals for 2014 to not one, not two… but TEN new pedals set to hit stores this year! In addition to four new effects previously unveiled at the 2014 NAMM Show in January (Replay Box delay, Vulture distortion, Creamer reverb, and SoulMate multi-effect board), T-Rex has followed up by revealing six more:

Diva Drive (Retail Price: $249) - This compact overdrive pedal offers a punchy gain structure with transparent voicing, and the Blend control allows you to dial in just the right amount of your clean tone with the overdriven signal. Diva Drive is based on the legendary JRC4558 chip, and features quality components optimized for audio applications.

Karma Boost (Retail Price: $249) - A boost with attitude. This clean boost is based on the classic T-Rex buffer amplifier, and adds a sweet-sounding bite and thickness to overdriven sounds. Karma Boost amplifies from unity gain to +16dB, making it ideal for solo boosts on electric/acoustic guitar.

Neo Comp (Retail Price: $249) - This full-featured compressor offers studio quality sound in a compact box. Based on the Blackmer VCA (THAT corp.), Neo Comp features adjustable attack and release for fine-tuning compression. With an adjustable ratio from 1:1 to 9:1, Neo Comp is ideal for everything from sustained pop chords to fast -paced chicken pickin'.

Quint Machine (Retail Price: $299) - In addition to your direct signal, this Four-Tone Generator pedal gives you adjustable Octave Up, Octave Down, and 5th Up with individual volume controls. A Master Mix control lets you set the overall volume of your dry signal relative to your Octave/5th signals. Featuring fast, polyphonic tracking, Quint Machine offers some extremely versatile sonic possibilities for bass, power chords, and even organ-like sounds.

Shafter Wah (Retail Price: $269) - Triple-voiced analog wah. Featuring custom-made coils for a more pronounced wah sound, Shafter's three distinct wah tones can be fine-tuned via adjustable Boost and Slope controls. Shafter offers light, controlled operation for smooth pedal movement and no wear of the potentiometer. A Hot Spot switch allows you to choose between a classic sweep, or a more gradual "heal to toe" sweep.

Tunemaster (Retail Price: $169) - Chromatic tuner with a bonus: the ability to select true bypass or buffered bypass. In buffered bypass mode, it features an adjustable output which comes in handy for longer signal chains. TuneMaster boasts ultra-simple operation, with a large, clear note display and red up/down indicators. Green LEDs surrounding the display light up to clearly indicate when you're in tune.

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