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T-Tune Introduces Harmonic Bridge Saddles

T-Tune Introduces Harmonic Bridge Saddles

Compensated bridge saddles for vintage style 3- saddle Telecaster-bridge with 100% vintage correct appearance.

Hamburg, Germany, (August 28, 2015) -- T-Tune Guitar Parts announces “Harmonic Bridge Saddles“ a simple but very effective solution for the old Telecaster 3- Saddle bridge intonation problem! By precision cutting small slots in the saddles, the string “Break-point” is moved to the exact point where it should be to achieve perfect intonation at the twelfth fret. The strings sit in the slots which then are covered by the string so that you don't see any difference- you only hear it! When fitted, they look completely vintage correct, which particularly appeals to the Vintage Telecaster purists!

T-Tune Harmonic Bridge Saddles are made from a high quality, hard brass (like that used by Fender in the Fifties!) Although similar to other products, Harmonic Bridge Saddles are even simpler and with several technical advantages:

  • No intonation problems occur as a result of sideways slipping of the strings ( as with saddles that have been drilled at an angle)
  • Minimal material removal (in comparison to wedge-shaped saddles)
  • Large point of contact between string and saddle (results in improved tone)
  • No extreme kinking of the string (reduces the possibility of string breakage)
  • Can also be used on Left-handed guitars
  • Can be used with plain or wound G-strings

Introductory Price: €39/$45

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