Friedman IR-X Dual Tube Preamp and DI Demo with Sammy Boller & Dave Friedman

The amp master and rig-builder-to-the-stars walks us through his latest and greatest tone solution for guitarists while the smooth shredster shows off the pedal's many moods of rude.

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Get the lowdown on what you need to properly outfit your flattop for use at a coffeehouse, church, club, or concert hall.

There's no getting around it these days: If you want to gig with your acoustic, sooner or later you're going to need to plug in—and long gone are the days when a good instrument mic and a small PA system will suffice. Now you've got competition from the coffee grinder, espresso machine, blender, the cell phones, portable video-game systems, laptops, and any other stupidly noisy electronic devices a person can carry with them.

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