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Mastering Modulation: The Distinctive Sounds of Chorus, Phaser, Flanger & Vibrato
DIY: How to Use Flanger, Chorus, Phaser & Vibrato on Guitar — Plus Modulation in Modern Music!

PG's Nikos Arvanitis explains and demonstrates the individual sonic qualities and contrasting characteristics of the most-used modulation effects on guitar by citing the Police, Heart, Prince, Nirvana, Whitesnake, and Pearl Jam.

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Name: John Haigis
Hometown: Tolland, Connecticut

Guitar: Beheaded Deacon

This reader’s onset health issues prevented him from building his guitar alongside his luthier friend, but in the end, his friend’s guidance helped produce the perfect headstockless guitar.

This guitar began a year ago as a concept to make a guitar with a luthier friend who was going to be moving away. So, I had a time constraint. He and I would frequently go mountain biking, design and build biking trails, and played in a band together—until, eight years ago, I started to have chronic health problems, which forced me to quit all of those activities.

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Name: Mel WaldorfHometown: Palm Springs, California
Guitar: Alameda Clam Shack

This month’s guitar comes equipped with its own Gretsch-inspired custom pickups, sure to deliver surfy sounds.

My name is Mel Waldorf, and I’ve been a guitar player since the mid 1980s. I’ve been tinkering with guitars for most of that time, because, hey, is it more important to play the guitar or to futz with them? I suspect the answer is playing guitar, as your magazine is Premier Guitar, not Premier Futz-with-Guitar.

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