january 2018

The smoother side of fuzz rears its head in this interpretation of an Eastern-Bloc Big Muff.

At some point along a journey of fuzz discovery, players find out that Sovtek Big Muffs—while a picture of Monster Island-scale, mid-scooped fuzz perfection in isolation—can go missing in a big, burly rock mix. A lot of Muff clone builders tackle the problem using mid-boost controls. Rocket Surgeon (the pedal building arm of Nordstrand Audio) takes a different tack, relying on a simple switch that effectively makes the Boris two Muffs in one: A traditional mid-scooped Muff called “doom” and a mid-forward voice called “nuclear.” Neither re-casts the Sovtek-era Muff sound in a radical way, but both offer cool options for Muff newbies and experienced players looking for new variations of classic Russian Muff textures.

Red Star Rocket Craft
A lot of pedal makers seek boutique prices these days for craft and components that are quite ordinary. Rocket Surgeon isn’t one of them. The Boris is well put together and seems designed to be repairable in the event something fails. The footswitch and jacks, including the 9V jack, are affixed to the enclosure and independent of the circuit board.

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The Review Demo maestro walks you through a descending lick that's a cinch to transpose to any key.