The unit features six levels of attenuation and can be used with 4-, 8-, or 16-ohm speakers.

Atlanta, GA (December 6, 2017) -- Tube amplifiers always sound best when they are cranked up loud. Power tubes become saturated when the amplifier is turned way up, and most guitarists agree this is when a tube amp delivers its best tone. However, studio recording and bedroom practice often requires lower decibel levels, and for those not willing to sacrifice their tone at lower volumes, the Acorn Elevenuator is the perfect tool. The Elevenuator interfaces between your amplifier and speakers to retain all of the sustain and tube saturation of your cranked amp, but at much lower volumes. With six levels of attenuation, the Elevenuator can transform the ear-splitting power of a 50-watt tube amp to manageable low wattage levels while keeping all of the tonal characteristics that you love about your amp when it’s turned up to eleven.


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An updated version of the Radial Engineering's popular guitar amp switcher.

Vancouver, BC (July 11, 2016) -- Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the Tonebone BigShot ABY rev 2, an updated version of the company's popular guitar amp switcher.

According to Radial's Jay Porter: "There is something absolutely magical about playing guitar and switching between two amps. This lets you perform with so much more control over your tone than when using a single amp. Better yet, when both amps are on at the same time, it creates a wall of sound that immerses you into the music and elevates your creativity."

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