A parallel effects mixer that offers mono or stereo operation, two different modes, and independent gain control for each loop.

Swindon, England (May 24, 2019) -- TheGigRig – manufacturer of world-leading guitar and bass effects switching systems and power supplies – announces the Wetter Box Parallel Effects Mixer. It’s the latest in the company’s innovative line of professional-grade signal routing solutions designed to help musicians create inspirational sounds and music.

“The tones you can create by blending different effects in parallel is epic!” says the company’s head, Daniel Steinhardt. “Years ago, we had a simple mixer called the Wet Box that solved a handful of problems for musicians wanting to mix effects into their signal chain, rather than take over that signal chain completely. With the Wetter Box, we’ve taken that basic idea and added an expanded feature set to increase its scope massively. You can use it as part of your pedalboard or in your amp’s effects loop; your recording signal chain… basically anywhere you want to blend effects.”

Why would you want to blend effects? “First and foremost for cool new sounds! Imagine a fuzz and an overdrive mixed in parallel, where you could have the exact blend of each that you like. Drives and modulations, filters and fuzz etc – literally anything you want to blend!”

“Secondly, it also functions as an awesome analogue dry-through when using digital effects and/or amplifier effects loops: you’re blending effects on top of your core sound, not obliterating it with them. This is particularly useful for getting effects blend levels just right for your situation, controlled on the fly with an expression pedal if you want. Thirdly, there’s a practical benefit for anyone who wants to leave their effects back by the amp but still have expression-pedal control or remote switching at the front of the stage.”


  • 100% analogue signal path
  • Mono or stereo operation, both in and out
  • Two modes: Blend Mode (blend from A to B)
  • or Mix Mode (blend B on top of A)
  • Works with expression pedal (WBX-1 sold separately)
  • Independent gain control for both loops
  • Phase reverse for Loop B
  • True Bypass or Trails Bypass modes
  • Works at signal or line level (for amp FX loop etc)
  • TheGigRig OptoKick footswitch: extremely rugged!
  • Remote switching option using any latching quarter-inch cable/switch

£229.00 street

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:

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