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Earthboard Introduces the LifeLine

Earthboard Introduces the LifeLine

This accessory allows you to run multiple Earthboards off a single power supply.

Nashville, TN (March 8, 2019) -- Rare Earth Music, LLC, is excited to announce another accessory for our battery-powered, magnetic-operated modular pedalboard system. The patented Earthboard Pedalboard System adds our new “LifeLine” to connect any number of Earthboards using the same singular, rechargeable battery circuit. This innovative design provides even more flexibility to our fully battery powered and magnetically operated effects pedalboard. Earthboard's patented rail system is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery and magnets (which also secure pedals to the board).

Company Partner, Mark Bradley says, “Musicians loved the idea that they can add pedalboards or reconfigure the setup to allow for various space geometries. You can set them up around a mic stand, or stack them, or put one pedalboard on each side. The circuit remains completely isolated and portable. Imagine going to a gig and setting up your pedalboard to fit your playing area. Nobody provides that capability, and we delivered.”

“Our goal is to innovate and provide useful solutions for all musicians, novice, weekend or pro. We want players to focus on making music, not the set-up. The addition of LifeLine to our Earthboard gets us one step closer to our goal.”, says Managing Partner Kym Bradley.

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