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Earthboard - EBII and EBII-SR Pedalboard Systems - Summer Gear Slam '21

Earthboard - EBII and EBII-SR Pedalboard Systems - Summer Gear Slam '21

New patents abound in this unique system for wirelessly powering, easily linking, and quickly reorganizing your stomp setup.


The EARTHBOARD is an amazing Pedalboard Platform that completely chances how effects pedals are managed on your rig. It is all about flexibility! The EBII can be powered with a rechargeable battery (supplied) or by using an optional 9v plug in AC adapter.

How does it work? Each effect pedal is placed on a tray called a Gravity Boot. The Gravity Boot has magnetic feet which attach to rails that carry 9v DC power thru the Gravity Boot and, using a Gravity Boot Tether, power your pedals. The pedal is easy to remove and replace. If you need 12v or 18v, you can purchase our optional ISO Boot, which changes the voltage to your pedal and isolates power without requiring a separate power supply! For wider pedals, we offer a Dummy Boot which can be used to provide additional stability on the board. A Dummy Boot is a Gravity Boot with no electrical circuit.

You can attach floor pedals to either side of the board using our Lifeline Tether by plugging it into built-in jacks provided on each side of the board. The EBII also has built-in jacks for battery power. We offer two batteries; a standard 1.2Amp or 2.4Amp XL Battery.

We have two models: the EBII double row platform and the EBII-SR single row platform.