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Rare Earth Music Unveils the New Earthboard EBII

A portable pedalboard with an integrated power supply via a magnetic rail system.

Salt Lake City, UT (July 2, 2020) -- Rare Earth Music, LLC has unveiled the next generation of Earthboard Pedalboard Systems, the EBII.

Earthboard Pedalboard Systems took the music world by surprise at Summer NAMM 2018, three months after Rare Earth Music, LLC was launched. Earthboard is the first and only “effects pedal board system that integrates the board and power supply, either our long-lasting, rechargeable battery or AC adapter, that work in tandem using a patented magnetic rail system” said Mark Bradley, head of Innovation, Manufacturing and Operations. The initial design solved several conventional pedalboard issues and hassles, said Kym Bradley, Managing Partner and head of Sales and Marketing, so that musicians could “focus on the music, not the set-up”. The complete system does the following:

  • Eliminates the cobweb of cables and cords because the rail system is essentially the daisy-chain
  • Eliminates the need to search for wall power at gigs when using the battery
  • Super portable – just walk on the stage, set the board down and start jamming
  • Provides super clean sound
  • Eliminates wall hum and annoying noise interference
  • Changing and rearranging pedals literally takes minutes not hours

“Earthboard EBII takes simplicity and flexibility to the next level.” said Kym, adding “The following newly standardized integrated features support our mission of being unique and focused on solving real problems for pedal users. “

  • A lighter but super durable Docking Station (board) makes Earthboard’s portability even better
  • Built-in Cross-Board Patch Cable eliminates need for another cable to connect top and bottom rows of pedals
  • Multiple I/O jacks to allow power to and from the board, provides the following flexible options:
    • Use AC power if you need or want to
    • Power a separate larger pedal on the floor to free up board real estate
    • Connect any number of Earthboards to expand the number of pedals in use
    • Move the battery off the board to free up board real estate
  • Includes our new, 10’ long, 3A AC power adapter with automatic circuit protection and reset

According to Mark, “Our new EBII Pedalboard System, in conjunction with our recently released ISO-Boot, allows musicians to use virtually any kind of pedal, powered by either of our included rechargeable battery or 3 amp adapter, without having to purchase additional power supplies or I/O modules. This is a true soup-to-nuts, affordable game-changing pedalboard system.” Adds Kym “We are confident the EBII will be as well received as EARTHBOARD was. Especially with the new EARTHBOARD logo carve-out on the front of the board that makes the blue-light cool-factor even better.”

Watch the company's video demo:

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