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Black Pumas Rig Rundown
Rig Rundown: Black Pumas' Adrian Quesada, Eric Burton & Brendan Bond

These old-soul musicians smother their classy Fender and Gibson guitars with tasty tremolo and splashy reverb, creating a reverential sound that bridges smooth Motown and slick modernity.

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For this masterful meeting of musical minds, bass legend Pino Palladino and legend-in-the-making Blake Mills forged a creative partnership that led to a borderless take on small-ensemble instrumental music.

Photo by Mike Piscitelli

The bass and guitar virtuosos' new collaborative album, Notes with Attachments, goes all over the map—and well beyond.

"Yeah, Pino, do you have this big archive of stuff?" Blake Mills is ribbing Pino Palladino about the question I just asked, but it's something we're both very interested to know. "Yeah, I do," the legendary bassist exasperatedly replies, as if he's finally let out the secret that he's been composing and recording original music throughout four-and-a-half decades, keeping it to himself until now.

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This well-constructed 4-string takes cues from yesteryear’s sounds, looks, and price tags. The PG Aria Pro II Detroit review.

Recorded direct into Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 into Garageband.
Clip 1: Neck pickup only. Tone at 75 percent.
Clip 2: Neck and bridge pickups blended 50/50 using pick. Tone at 75 percent.



Comfy neck. Easy fret access. Versatility of P/J configuration.

Non-spectacular bridge pickup. Typical 60-cycle hum with bridge soloed.


Aria Pro II




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