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"I don’t like any type of art that has to be explained."

Photo by Scott Friedlander

The profoundly prolific guitarist leads his band of tricksters through a surrealist sonic exploration of deep, esoteric rhythms and intricate interplay on Thisness.

On his new album Thisness, Miles Okazaki is credited as playing guitar, voice, and robots. If you imagine that the reference to robots is some sort of artsy kitsch—like trapping a Roomba Robot Vacuum into a tight space to sample its struggles as it percussively barrels into the four walls—you’re very far off the mark. Okazaki—who has an elite academic pedigree with degrees from Harvard, Manhattan School of Music, and Julliard, and currently holds a faculty position at Princeton University (after leaving a post at the University of Michigan, to which he commuted weekly from his home in Brooklyn for eight years)—wasn’t kidding.

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This pedal-sized box can serve as headphone driver, practice amp, utility power amp, or even an emergency backup amp to keep in your gig bag.

Costa Mesa, CA (January 19, 2017) -- Inspired by the legendary Thormitron 10,000, Quilter Labs' April 1st product for 2015, the MicroBlock 45 is the real deal, offering a serious guitar-friendly power plant in a single-wide pedal casing. With 33 watts into 8 ohms and 45 watts into 4 ohms, the MB-45 can actually “deliver” in a host of applications ranging from headphone driver, to practice amp, to utility power amp, and even as an emergency backup amp you can keep in your guitar pouch. Gain, tri-Q, and master provide the same controls as the original ToneBlock 200, allowing a guitarist to dial in a full range of tones from clean to soaring overdrive. Shipped with universal voltage power supply and AC cord, it is a complete micro-amp in a small carton.

The MicroBlock 45 features:

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The amp tips the scales at a mere 3.75 pounds and delivers a staggering 800 watts.

Costa Mesa, CA (August 29, 2016) -- Already famed for the use of his power amplifiers in the realm of Bass guitar, Pat Quilter set out to develop something that truly delivered both from a power standpoint and as a true contribution to the beauty of the bass as a musical instrument. Unlike many of today’s designs that pit a power module designed by one company against a preamp designed by another, the Quilter Bass Block 800 is designed from the ground up by one of the world’s foremost authorities in solid state amplification. Tipping the scales at a mere 3.75 Pounds and delivering a staggering 800 watts you will never lack for power no matter where you go. One-world AC supply, 800 real watts, and “bottomless” signal management powers your groove with explosive dynamics. “Club power” is no longer an issue, and the power-calibrated master control lets you safely drive any speaker. Lift your band to a whole new level! With a full feature set including Active/Passive/Post Pre-amp Direct inputs, Dual 1/4” speaker and Speakon outputs, refined voicing controls that simplify tonal setup and a calibrated master out, the Bass Block 800 shines as a standalone head.

The Quilter Bass Block 800 features:

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