Quilter Labs Announces the Phantom Block

A phantom-powered guitar interface that comes in at under $100.

Costa Mesa, CA (January 19, 2020) -- Increasingly as guitarists, we find ourselves on stages where the use of amplifiers is outright banned or at the very least heavily discouraged. At Quilter, we think that going direct shouldn’t suck. On a gig recently, Pat’s longtime friend encouraged him to plug his '50s era lap steel right into the PA. It sucked. He neither heard nor felt any of the soaring tone, and intense “feel” he is used to playing through his usual Quilter amplifier. So Pat being the mad genius he is sketched out a circuit almost the next day to craft something that would give the poor souls stuck going direct something to bring a little more excitement.

The results are beyond anything we could have imagined!

The Phantom block operates on 9 volts DC externally or via internal battery, or from 48 volt phantom power typically available on most modern mixers. Featuring a very simple setup, the input is high impedance and unlike most PA channels can truly get the most from your pickups. The basic control set allows for easy adjustment of Gain, Tone, and Master, and is adjustable for use as FRFR or Cab Simulated output. The XLR out is perfect for your PA, and gives you the ultimate flexibility for your instrument. Perfect for acoustic, electric, or anything you need fast and effective control over the Phantom Block is poised to deliver the ultimate in flexibility and simplicity.

Priced at $99 so that even mere mortals can afford one.

We already shipped them to our dealers so that you won’t feel awkward when you call and hear that they “have them on order but they haven’t arrived yet” unlike most everything else you will hear about at NAMM.

“My daughter forced me to take her to the last Vans warped tour, and while I was there, I saw this poor soul who was forced to plug his pedalboard right into the PA. It sounded bad. Really bad. So bad, I almost cried for him.” Says company CEO Chris Parks. “This would have solved his tonal deficiencies in an instant, and maybe they would not have permanently canceled the tour. Who knows?”

For more information:
Quilter Labs

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