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Quilter Introduces the Aviator Cub

Quilter Introduces the Aviator Cub

A single-channel amp that aims to cop three different American-flavored voices.

Costa Mesa, CA (March 8, 2021) -- Redefining what can be expected in a powerful and portable amp, Quilter Labs announces the release of the new Aviator Cub. The 50-watt Aviator Cub represents Quilter’s most advanced single channel combo amplifier and offers a choice of three distinct historical voices: a '60 Tweed, a '62 Blonde, and a '65 Blackface. Players can access the era of their choice by plugging into one of three different inputs, each labeled with the amp voice they want to play in.

The Aviator Cub is as powerful as it is lightweight (just over 21 pounds) and economical. Combining forces with world class speaker manufacturer Eminence, Quilter developed a super-sonic 12-inch speaker that delivers all of the charm of classic low powered speakers, but with 50 watt power handling.

Whether you're after the mid-range power of a Tweed, the throaty yet bell-like Blonde, or the scooped mid-range and silky highs of a Blackface, the Aviator Cub delivers it all without ever breaking a sweat. 5-knob channel tone-shaping controls include: Gain, Limiter, Bass, Mid and Treble.


  • Tweed, Blonde, and Blackface voicings
  • Individual inputs for each voice into discrete analog circuitry
  • Proprietary Eminence speaker
  • Onboard limiter, digital reverb and effects loop, line out and headphone output
  • 50 watts power handling
  • Includes slipcover, weighs just over 21 lbs

Watch the company's video demo:

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