Quilter Labs Introduces the BassDock System

The class-D modular amp that's paired with one of two ultra-compact cabinets both capable of sustaining 400 watts of power.

Costa Mesa, CA (July 26, 2019) -- The most common problem facing professional bassists today is their need for multiple heavy systems to perform at venues with demanding and yet quite different requirements. In our research we discovered that the average bass player possesses three separate amplifiers. The reason is twofold, first to be able to play various sized venues and secondly they need to craft their art within a sonically wide space with a need for modern Class D power as well as vintage tube like tone. We are pleased to announce a solution to this problem.

Redefining what can be expected in a modular solution, Quilter announces the release of the all new BassDock 10 and BassDock 12 modular amplification system. The much anticipated release features two ultra-compact cabinets both capable of sustaining 400 watts of power. The BassDock cabinets feature a modular docking bay for convenient use with the popular Bass Block 800 amplifier as well as the all new Tone Block 202 for those requiring vintage tube tone to warm up their Double Bass or electric tone. In just a few seconds you can dock your Bass Block 800 into the back of a BassDock cabinet and on your way with modular combo amp convenience and stackable sonic reinforcement. Lightweight and powerful, they can handle anything from a coffee house with your double bass to live stadium shows. (Catch them on tour with Brad Paisley’s longtime bassist Kenny Lewis.)

“With the BassDock 10 and 12 we have empowered the professional player to build any kind of system they need!” Says company CEO Chris Parks. “With stackable, modular cabinets a system can be built for any gig from coffee houses to massive stages and with the easily removable Bass Block 800 head, there is no gig on the planet that is beyond your reach.”


  • BassDock cabinets include a durable ballistic nylon cover
  • Proprietary Eminence drivers
  • 400 watts power handling
  • The most compact and full sounding design we could come up with
  • A rear docking bay for use with Quilter Bass Block heads

For more information:
Quilter Labs

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