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Quilter Labs Launches the InterBass

Quilter Labs Launches the InterBass

The 45-watt InterBass instantly converts to a headphone amplifier at the flip of a switch for quiet practice.

Costa Mesa, CA (September 3, 2019) -- A modern bass player can’t afford to find themselves in a predicament where they don’t have the right connection to get the job done. The most obvious connection you need is an amplifier to power your speaker cabinets, but increasingly the modern bassist is finding themselves on stages where amplifiers simply are not allowed. Now add the pain of dragging amp head and speakers to the recording studio or setting up a quiet practice rig in a convenient location and the need for a portable “do it all” interface becomes readily apparent.

Redefining what can be expected from a micro-bass interface, the Quilter InterBass delivers a powerful 45 watts, useful for small backup, or acoustic gigs. In addition, the InterBass instantly converts to a headphone amplifier at the flip of a switch for quiet practice. Featuring a balanced line out function, the InterBass serves as a direct to PA interface for silent stages, and adds tonal control as well as active or vintage EQ to your PA or DAW interface. With a switchable Active/Passive gain control and FX loop the InterBass is everything you need to get your bass’ tone wherever you need it to go. Plunk it on your pedalboard and go!


  • 45 Watts 4 Ohms: 33 Watts 8 Ohms: 17 Watts 16 Ohms
  • 24 Volt Power Supply (Included)
  • 0.65 Pounds (0.3 kg)

The InterBass is already available through your favorite Quilter dealer.

“The question isn’t should I get an InterBass,” Says company CEO Chris Parks. “it is more of a why wouldn’t you? It would be awesome if it were nothing more than just a gig saver, but in fact it is a powerful addition to the quiver of the modern bass player searching for a simple go anywhere do anything interface.”

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