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Taylor Introduces the New Fall Limited Edition Model Acoustic Guitars

El Cajon, CA (September 27, 2012) – To celebrate the season, Taylor Guitars has gone deep into its wood reserves to produce a spectacular array of Fall Limited Edition

El Cajon, CA (September 27, 2012) – To celebrate the season, Taylor Guitars has gone deep into its wood reserves to produce a spectacular array of Fall Limited Edition models. In a true fall feast for the eyes and ears, quilted sapele, Tasmanian blackwood and Macassar ebony are on display with exceptional appointments, offering a bounty of fresh tonal options.

In an inspiring offering for 2012, gorgeous quilted sapele is showcased in Taylor's Grand Auditorium, Grand Symphony, Grand Concert and Dreadnought shapes, as well as 12-Fret and Baritone 8-String models. This lot of quilted sapele, a rare find by our wood suppliers, was flatsawn and lightly stained to magnify the depth of the figure to maximum effect. Paired with AA-grade European spruce tops, the complexity of this combination makes for a tonal voice that Taylor guitar designer Andy Powers describes as "a little warmer and more powerful on the low end than normal...players will hear a darker, richer, more 'broken-in' sound than they might expect." Appointments include "Solitaire" diamond fret inlays, a sapele and Ivoroid rosette, Ivoroid binding and a Venetian cutaway.  

Players seeking a guitar that's equally as aesthetically stunning wood pairing this fall is Taylor's Macassar ebony/sinker redwood Presentation Series. Macassar ebony's density produces deep lows and clear highs, while a sinker redwood top blends the warmth of cedar with a bold response. Together the overall voice is a bit darker, yielding a mature, complex tone. Available in both the Grand Auditorium and Grand Symphony shapes, each model features exquisite details, including ebony binding with a contoured armrest, paua inlays and top trim, and on the interior, CV bracing to maximize projection and depth of tone.

In another pleasing tonewood twist this fall, Tasmanian blackwood sits in on the 400 Series. A cousin of Hawaiian koa, blackwood boasts a similar tone profile to koa, and joins this year's offerings in a choice of a 410ce, 412ce-N, 414ce, 414ce-N, 416ce, or in a Baritone 8-String model. Each model features a three-piece back, with a Rock maple mini-wedge and is topped by Western Red cedar, while the Baritone Limited is offered with a Sitka top for clear response. Maple also graces the fretboard inlays, and a new "fishbone" rosette adorns the soundhole. Satin-finish back and sides preserve a natural, classic look, and a Venetian cutaway invites register.

Each Fall Limited is equipped with the Taylor Expression System and arrives in a hardshell case. The models are exclusively available through Authorized Taylor Dealers worldwide.

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