An ultra-light bass combo using TC''s TonePrint technology.

Frankfurt, Germany (March 21, 2012) -- The BG250 1x15” ultra-light bass combo gives you the power to choose and replace on-board effects time and time again. The revolutionary TonePrint concept offers signature tones created by an ever-expanding list of the finest bass players all free of charge.

BG250 comes packed with 250 watts of power, delivered through TC’s lightweight Class D amp technology that helps bringing the total weight of BG250 down to an extremely portable 35 lbs., making it one of the lightest yet loudest combos in its class. The preamp features an ultra-fast, integrated 5-string bass tuner, TubeDrive and intelligently contoured Bass Tone controls that create anything from crispy, modern slap tones over grungy, cranked-tube-like tones for classic rock to tight and funky Jaco tones with ease.

Further, an Auxiliary input and headphone output cater for any playback and rehearsal situation, while a balanced XLR output makes recording and live performance a breeze, all of which is underpinned by the cornerstone of great bass amps: superb tone. But coolest of it all is the white TonePrint knob.

TonePrint is a flexible effect slot that lets the user decide exactly which effect the amp should use at any given time. BG250 comes loaded with TC’s SCF Chorus as default, but numerous new bass effects can be downloaded from TC’s website, replacing the chorus with other effects such as Octaver, Compressor, Overdrive, Distortion, Flanger and Vibrato. To make the deal even sweeter, TC had some of the best bass players in the world tailor their own personal effects tones for anyone to grab, and best of all – these Bass TonePrints are completely free of charge.

To load new types of effects or the artist-made Bass TonePrints, users can simply hook up their amp to a computer via the included USB cable. Or even beam directly from their smartphone straight into BG250 using the TonePrint App for iOS and Android. Quite simply, it is an ever-expanding effects joyride, as new TonePrints will be added constantly in the future.

BG250 Main Features
• TonePrint - The Power to Choose effects and Artist
• 250 Watts of Power
• Weight: 16 kg / 35 lbs
• Built-in Bass Tuner
• TubeDrive - Tube Pre- and Power Amp Emulation
• World-famous TC Bass Chorus Pre-loaded
• Bass Contoured Tone Controls
• Rehearsal Input – Playback in Speaker or Headphones
• Balanced out – Seamless Recording or PA Output
• High-power Headphone Output – for Silent Rehearsal
• Footswitch Control of TubeTone, Tuner & TonePrint (optional)
• 15” Custom TC Driver, Custom TC Tweeter

The BG25 will be available May 2012 in the EU and June 2012 in the US for $399.

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