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Thimble Slide Introduces the Just Plain

Thimble Slide Introduces the Just Plain

A comfortable slide that gets out of the way when you don't want it.

Los Angeles, CA (October 15, 2014) -- Thimble Slide today announced the release of their latest slide the Just Plain. As it sounds, the Just Plain features no overt decoration on it’s top and answers requests from those guitarists who want a sleek and elegant Thimble Slide. All patented features of the original thimble slide the Fleur De Lis are present which allows the wearer to slide when they want yet still fret the strings when needed while still wearing the slide. The slide surface length is also the same: 1"—enough to slide up to three strings at a time.

Aside from having no overt decoration, the Sizing Gap, which allows the wearer to adjust the slide a little tighter or looser, has been moved to the top. Says Thimble Slide inventor Cole Coleman, “With the Just Plain, we’ve maximized functionality and comfort. With no decoration on it’s top this slide is evenly balanced and therefore feels lighter on the finger. We’ve moved the Sizing Gap from the side to the top where it is felt even less but most importantly that diminishes the chance of someone marking up the bottom slide surface while using a tool to fit the slide smaller.” This release is made of brass but Cole says he’s experimenting with a chrome version.

The Just Plain is currently offered in size medium but sizes large, extra large, and small will roll out over the next five weeks. Will there be further designs of the Thimble Slide? “Yes,” says Cole, “we’ve had a lot of requests for a slide with skulls and I hope to do that in 2015.” The Thimble Slide is available directly through their website but they will be seeking to put the Just Plain into stores this coming year.

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