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TSVG Introduces Dying Batt Fuzz

The Dying Batt fuzz is loaded with AC128 GE transistors, Mullard "Tropical Fish" capacitors, and a voltage regulator control.

Philadelphia, PA (October 31, 2013) -- Adding to the company’s well-established line of fuzz pedals, TSVG has unveiled the new Dying Batt Fuzz.

Offering a raunchy, full-bodied germanium fuzz tone at full 9v, back off the voltage regulator and you’re in for a surprise. Different combinations between the voltage regulator and tone blend are what make the Dying Batt special. Watch it spit, sputter, and decay as you starve power to the circuit.

The release of the Dying Batt follows a fantastic unveiling at Summer NAMM 2013. Dial back the voltage regulator and sputter out of control. Roll it up and surround yourself in overwhelmingly thick “wall of sound” fuzz.


  • AC128 GE transistors, Mullard “Tropical Fish” capacitors, IRC resistors
  • Independent Volume, Voltage Regulator, Gain, and Blend controls
  • Top quality hardware: Alpha pots, Switchcraft jacks, cloth covered wire
  • True bypass switching

Suggested retail price for the Dying Batt is $170.

Watch the company's video demo:

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