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Ventura Valve Amplifiers Unveils the VVA50

Ventura Valve Amplifiers Unveils the VVA50

The 50-watt head is available in either 6L6-GC or EL34 power tube configurations.

Ventura, CA (September 11, 2015) -- Ventura Valve Amplifiers is a California-based manufacturer of powerful, no-compromise guitar amps. We are proud to introduce our re-designed VVA50 50W Amplifier.

The VVA50 is a 50-watt head available in either 6L6-GC or EL-34 power tube configurations. Several improvements have been incorporated into the new design. The audio path is less complex, the amplifier is quieter and a switchable boost feature has been added to one of the preamp circuits. The VVA50 is touch responsive and enhances the personality of individual instruments and musicians. All amplifier heads now include a figured maple front panel and may be ordered in the original wood finishes or tolex covering. Our tolex models are rugged and road ready.


  • Front Panel Controls: Gain1, Gain2, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Master
  • Four Stage Preamp
  • Boost Feature
  • Curley Maple Front Panel
  • Output Impedance Selector (4, 8, or 16 ohms)
  • Solid poplar sides
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Tolex Retail Prices - VVA50: $1299, VVA1X12: $299, VVA2X12: $399

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