Vick Audio Introduces the Hypocenter Delay

A digitally-controlled stomp that provides from 25ms to 450ms of delay.

Gilbert, AZ (July 28, 2016) -- Vick Audio, a longtime pedal builder that specializes in reproductions of out of production effects units from the 60s and 70s as well as original effects, is excited to announce the release of its latest original guitar effects pedal, the Hypocenter Delay.

The Hypocenter Delay is built around the PT2399 chip by Princeton Technologies. This chip, though digitally based, is often used to emulate the sound of older analog-based delays. They have created a delay that will work well with a clean guitar signal or with distortion. The Hypocenter Delay is capable of providing a delay time from 25ms all the way to 450ms with a very low-noise distortion and repeats all the way from a single repeat to infinite repeats.

The four control knobs of the Hypocenter Delay controls the pedal's overall volume, the delay time, the mix between the wet and dry signal and the number of repeats. Customers can also expect a 3PDT true bypass switch, Neutrik audio jacks, 2.1 mm Boss style power jack (no internal 9V battery clip), a powder-coated aluminum enclosure, and a handwired, boutique-quality pedal that is made in the USA.

The Hypocenter Delay is retailing at $139

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