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Martin D-18 StreetLegend & 000CJR-10E Bass Demos | NAMM 2023

Martin D-18 StreetLegend & 000CJR-10E Bass Demos | NAMM 2023

The D-18 StreetLegend inspired by Kurt Cobain and D Jr.10-E Short Scale Bass lead Martin’s new releases in Anaheim.

Martin D-18 StreetLegend Acoustic Guitar - Custom Ink

The Nazareth-based, classic American acoustic guitar maker comes on strong with a series of soprano ukuleles, a 000 with a satin finish, new finishes for the D-18, plus the first short-scale Martin bass (priced at $749 street). But check out the new D-18 StreetLegend—an aged-top 6-string based on a guitar in Martin’s museum that was once played by Kurt Cobain, tagged at $2,499 street. The satin-finished top on the new StreetLegend includes some visual wear inspired by historic models found in our museum. This gives your brand-new guitar a well-loved look that shows your music has an old soul like many of the fine instruments we’ve curated over the years. The D-18 StreetLegend is crafted with satin-finished mahogany back and sides, so you’ll still enjoy plenty of volume and pick up some bright trebles and punchy midrange tones. The scalloped bracing on this model contributes volume and a fuller sound than non-scalloped bracing. It also includes open-gear aged tuners and a satin-aged pickguard to complete the aesthetic. If you’re looking for a satin-finished Standard Series guitar that stands out from the crowd, this D-18 StreetLegend fits the bill.