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Keeley 4-in-1 Pedal Series Demo

Keeley 4-in-1 Pedal Series Demo
Keeley 4-in-1 Pedal Series Demo of Blues Disorder, Angry Orange, Super Rodent & Noble Screamer

Watch Tom Butwin demonstrate Keeley’s super versatile 4-in-1 overdrive pedal series: the Blues Disorder, Angry Orange, Super Rodent and Noble Screamer.

The newest pedals from Keeley Electronics each offer two independent effects featuring classic overdrive/distortion circuits. The effects are carefully paired together and allow you to mix-and-match their respective clipping sections (one hard clipping and one soft clipping) and tone sections. The Noble Screamer combines a Nobels ODR-1 (hard clip) and Ibanez Tube Screamer (soft clip). Angry Orange unites a mighty Big Muff (soft clip) and Boss DS-1 (hard clip). Blues Disorder pairs a Marshall Blues Breaker (soft clip) with a Fulltone OCD (hard clip). And the Super Rodent combines a Boss SD-1 (soft clip) with the venerable Rat pedal (hard clip). The fun really begins when you experiment with mashups: you can link the overdrive section from Circuit A with the tone section of circuit B, and vice versa. These “hyrbrid” modes offer unusual and unexpected delights. Suddenly you have four pedals in one.

Based in Oklahoma, industry icon Robert Keeley and his team have channeled 25-plus years of know-how into this 4-in-1 series…and they’re always working on new innovations. For more information visit

Keeley Noble Screamer Overdrive/Boost Pedal

Noble Screamer Overdrive