Wampler Pedals Introduces the Latitude Deluxe Tremolo

The tremolo offers four different subdivisions and three different waveforms.

Martinsville, IN (June 11, 2014) -- Wampler Pedals is proud to announce the release of the Latitude Deluxe Tremolo Pedal.

The Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe guitar pedal was designed for the player that wants a plethora of tremolo options underfoot. The Latitude Deluxe offers a multitude of tremolo options that includes four choices of divided subdivisions: (quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted-eighth notes, and triplets) and three wave forms to choose from: (Sine, bell, square).

Our tremolo pedal also offers a user-friendly tap tempo switch that will allow our tremolo to easily sync with whatever the song requires. Re-syncing is easily achieved by one tap of the tap tempo switch—should your drummer accidently increase or decrease speed. As always, the Latitude Deluxe also features the Wampler standard true bypass so your guitar’s natural tone won’t be affected when your pedal is not engaged. The Latitude Tremolo also utilizes digital technology to control a completely analog guitar signal path bringing you the best of both worlds.

From true vintage mojo to modern syncopated helicopter chops—the Latitude Deluxe was designed to cover all of your tremolo needs.

Retail price for the new Wampler Latitude Tremolo is $239.97.

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