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Willcox Guitars Releases the 2018 Saber Bass

Willcox Guitars Releases the 2018 Saber Bass

The bass features the patented LightWave Optical pickup system.

Santa Barbara, CA (December 1, 2017) -- Willcox Guitars, the highly acclaimed guitar and bass company known for its patented LightWave Optical Pickups System, today announces the release of its newest model, the 2018 Saber Bass. The Saber Bass will replace the outgoing best-selling model, the VL Bass, with a completely new instrument.

Using feedback from artists, players and valued retail partners throughout the industry, Willcox has reworked every aspect of the instrument likely to affect playability, tone and visual appeal. Updates and improvements over the outgoing VL model include: AAAA flame maple tops, lightweight swamp ash bodies with improved resonant chambering, three modern two-tone satin finish options, new ultra-light tuning machines, improved and strengthened composite fingerboards, reinforced internals and improved "Rev2" tone circuit.

“We’ve received outstanding feedback from our community of musicians and dealers,” said Chris Willcox, Founder of Willcox Guitars. “This is an instrument for serious bass enthusiasts who want a superior playing experience, backed by Willcox quality.”

Like all Willcox instruments, the Saber Bass features the patented LightWave Optical Pickup System, considered by many to be the most innovative and useful technology to be developed for electric string instruments since magnetic pickups were first introduced. LightWave pickups use infrared light technology to "map" or "see" string vibration, resulting in a significant enhancement in tone, sustain and responsiveness.

The Saber Bass uses only premium, acoustically chambered tone woods and is assembled by an in-house team right at Willcox Guitars’ headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. The lightweight and ergonomic design is engineered for artists and players who demand serious professional performance in both live and studio recording situations.

The Saber Bass is available today in both four-string, five-string, fretted and fretless configurations. It can be purchased directly from or from participating dealers.

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