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Xotic Releases the XJPRO-1 5-String ProVintage Series Bass

The basses feature active/passive electronics, Hipshot tuners, and handwound Raw Vintage USA pickups.

Los Angeles, CA (December 5, 2017) -- For the player who is seeking the perfect balance of punchy low-end tone with attributes of a boutique setup in a mid-priced instrument, look no further than the Xotic ProVintage Series Basses. Combining countless hours of research from customers, professional players and builders from all over the world, the XJPRO-1 5-String is a true workhorse for studio and live sessions.

The ProVintage Series basses, inspired by the Xotic XJ Series, feature a structurally balanced neck for reliable intonation that is coated with a unique oil finish for a comfortable feel. Additionally, the ProVintage Series utilize the same onboard preamp electronics that are featured in all Xotic Basses for a varied selection of punchy vintage-modern tones. Each Raw Vintage USA JB-5 pickup is meticulously hand wound in our shop and specifically voiced for the ProVintage Series.

To make certain all ProVintage Series basses deliver the best playing experience, every bass has the fret dressing performed using the PLEK (“Plekked”) process. This process determines curvature and the precise height of each fret, as well as the exact width of the neck at the nut. Finally, our master builders carefully inspect and fine tune every detail before these basses are delivered to your Xotic Dealer.


  • Wooden pickup covers
  • Handwound Raw Vintage USA pickups specifically voiced for ProVintage Basses
  • Active/Passive Xotic Onboard Preamp with 3-band EQ
  • Plek’d, completed and inspected at our shop in Los Angeles
  • Hipshot Ultra Light tuners and Hipshot B-Style bridge
  • Easy access battery box

Street Price: $1390

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