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3rd Power Announces the Dual Citizen

3rd Power Announces the Dual Citizen

A dual-channel amp that combines the tonal versatility of American and British tones.

Nashville, TN (July 2, 2015) -- 3RD Power is excited to unveil the new Dual Citizen to its line of award winning amplifiers, hand-built in the company's new East Nashville, Tennessee shop.

The new Dual Citizen is the company's response to overwhelming customer demand for a dual-channel amp that combined the tonal versatility of American and British tones, similar to the company's Dream Weaver model, but this time incorporating AC styled tones instead of the DW's plexi interpretation. During the development of the Dual Citizen, 3RD Power pulled various design elements together from its' previous Dream Series and Wooly Coats amps as a starting point. From there, we referenced and compared choice vintage examples of both American and British AC styled amplifiers. The goal was multi-layered: pay tribute to these legendary tones, enhance them for modern application and use, and combine them in one unit for greater ease of use. With the new Dual Citizen, these distinctive American and British voices can be utilized separately or layered together for complex, multi-voiced guitar tones. With the company's proprietary HybridMASTER volume management circuitry, the entire sonic experience can be had at whatever volume level is right for the room.

“Players constantly ask me, 'When are you going to make an amp that combines American and AC voices?' Until now, I knew the biggest hurdle would be having people accept that we could actually nail authentic American tones on an EL34 output section. Considering that we've served the boutique amplifier market for seven years, during which I've designed over a dozen amps including a stereo power amp, our body of work is wide enough to the point where people seem to no longer doubt what we can achieve on whichever tube platform I decide to design around,” said James Scott, founder and Amp Artist at 3RD Power.

At 28 pounds, 10 inches tall and 24 inches wide, the Dual Citizen features include 3RD Power's patent-pending HybridMASTER providing your tone at whatever volume is right for the room (from 40 Watts down to 1 Watt). Selectable tube or diode rectifier modes provide vintage tube power supply sag or faster, more responsive punch and clarity.

The Dual Citizen's two independent channels deliver a wide variety of British and American tones. The AC channel features Normal, Brilliant, Top Boost 1 and Top Boost 2 modes with a separately selectable Mid Contour switch for a total of 8 different vintage or modern AC tones that can be further sculpted with a Top Cut knob. The American channel features a toggle switch for selecting between Blackface and Tweed voicings. Taking it even further, both channels can be layered in parallel and operated at the same time.

All 3RD Power amplifiers are hand-built in the USA and feature point-to-point turret board construction and come with a 33-year warranty. The new Dual Citizen will begin shipping in July at the introductory price of $2,749 (head version). Combos will be available in the fall.

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