A meticulously designed circuit based on the normal channel of the Vox UL730.

Barcelona (April 23, 2019) -- Aclam Guitars. Aclam’s team of musicians and designers, manufacturers of innovative accessories for guitars and basses, have introduced a brand-new overdrive pedal: Dr.Robert. Designed to reach the highest possible quality and functionality, the pedal offers unique features and sounds like no other.

Dr. Robert is a guitar & bass overdrive pedal based on the normal channel of the Vox UL730 S/N 3042.  Aclam has been working through a meticulous process of tracing the original tag board circuits & measuring all components with the goal of capturing the amp’s soul and character.

What makes Dr. Robert so special?

  • Amp in a box: replicates the legendary VOX UL730.
  • Mach Schau! function: Extra saturation with an independent volume control.
  • Use it with guitar & bass: Circuit tailored for both instruments.
  • Internal controls: Bass & Treble.
  • Smart Track fastening system: Match with Aclam pedalboards with no velcro needed.

The famous artist behind the cover of The Beatles’ Revolver album, Klaus Voorman, has collaborated with Aclam to create the Dr. Robert illustration.

Designed and built in Aclam’s Barcelona headquarters, Dr.Robert carries a price of 279€ (USD 320 aprox). Aclam is shipping worldwide from their online store: www.aclamguitars.com You can also find your closest official dealer at https://www.aclamguitars.com/dealers

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Aclam Guitars

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