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Acorn Amplifiers Expand Gainesville Amp Series

The amp introduces the headroom switch, a 3-position rotary switch that cleans up the maximum gain with no reduction in wattage.

Acorn Amps

Atlanta, GA (October 17, 2017) -- With the addition of onboard spring reverb and the option for a 30-watt, 50-watt, or 100-watt power amp, Acorn Amplifiers has made it’s flagship amp model, the Gainesville, even more versatile. With a responsive and transparent design that yields rich and harmonic guitar tone, the Gainesville excels as an effects pedal platform. The Gainesville 50 introduces the “Headroom” switch - a 3-position rotary switch that cleans up the maximum gain with no reduction in wattage. The Gainesville Reverb features foot-switchable spring reverb for lush, swimming guitar tone. With each amp built into a rugged classic-style picture frame enclosure, the Gainesville series, now more than ever, excels at amplifying any genre and any venue.

Features Include:

  • Handmade circuit using only premium audio-grade components for immediate finger-to- string response and transparent tube chime
  • Available as a 30 watt model or 50 watt model out of a pair of EL34 vacuum tubes as well as a 100 watt model out of a matched quad of EL34s
  • “Headroom” switch on the Gainesville 50 and Gainesville 100 - offering cleaner tones at louder volumes
  • Onboard spring reverb on the Gainesville Reverb - switchable on/off with included footswitch
  • “Every Setting Works” tone controls - responsive and mutually interactive Treble, Mid, and Bass controls with post-phase inverter Master Volume
  • Classy, elegant, and simple aesthetics whether in a 3/4’’ void-less birch enclosure with tolex, or a natural wood finish box handmade from selected hardwoods sourced in Atlanta, GA.

The Acorn Amplifiers Gainesville head is available for $1,900 at The Gainesville 50 head is available for $2,000. The Gainesville Reverb 1x12 combo is available for $2,500.

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