Agile Partners Releases AmpKit 1.8

The new update for AmpKit includes four amps and two pedals.

Chicago, IL (October 21, 2013) -- AmpKit 1.8 is live in the App Store with seven new gear offerings that both guitar and bass players should enjoy:

  • Colonel Jump 75 amp: Modeled on the 1975 Marshall JMP 2203, an amp that pioneered a new era in rock and roll. The Jump 75 is a faithful reproduction, with sweet, smooth high-gain tone.
  • Talon Blues 5 amp: Modeled on the Lab Series L5, one of few solid-state amps that guitarists prize for its amazing tone. Richly endowed with parametric midrange control, compressor and multifilter.
  • Taos C+ amp: Modeled on the Mesa® Mark IIC+, an amp that Wikipedia calls "the most coveted vintage Boogie." The Taos C+ faithfully models both Rhythm and Lead channels of this classic amp.
  • Voltage VT Reissue bass amp: Based on the Ampeg SVT-VR, the coveted "Blue Line" bass head from the early '70s. Our VT Reissue is an authentic 2-channel replica of this beautiful '70s beast.
  • Thrasher PRE pedal: Modeled on the TC Electronic Integrated Preamplifier, a discontinued, hard-to-find clean boost plus two-band EQ that's the secret ingredient for that special '90s thrash metal sound.
  • ToneMime Bass pedal: Based on the Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver, it's like owning an entire roomful of bass amps. Using this pedal alone (without amp or cabinet), you can dial up the tone of dozens of different bass amps! Also great for bass overdrive.

Finally, AmpKit 1.8 brings joy to bass players worldwide with the Bass Essentials Pack, which includes two feature-packed modern bass amps from Trace Elliot and Ashdown, and three vintage amps modeled on classic Fender and Ampeg bass heads. This bundle also includes the ToneMime Bass and Octapuss sub-octaver pedals.

Now's the perfect time to amp up your AmpKit gear inventory. All the new gear is available at discounts up to half off through October 28th, and don't forget that Rocktoberfest specials are still running through Monday October 21st. The new Colonel Jump 75, Talon Blues 5, and Taos C+ amps are available at half price, just $2.99 (US App Store). Likewise the Thrasher PRE is half price at $1.99.

For bass players, the Bass Essentials Pack is just $14.99, a discount of over 60% off individual gear prices. And you can save $2 on new bass gear, including the Voltage VT Reissue, the Voltage VT Classic, and the ToneMime Bass.

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