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Alexander Pedals Releases the Princess Clang Royal Overdrive

Alexander Pedals Releases the Princess Clang Royal Overdrive

Limited in quantity to only 31 units worldwide.

Garner, NC (October 5, 2015) -- Wrap your tone in the resplendent robes of royalty and claim the throne for your own with our Alexander Pedals Princess Clang Royal Overdrive! Limited in quantity to only 31 units worldwide and available exclusively from the Alexander Pedals webstore, every day in October will provide the unique opportunity to obtain a single Princess Clang Royal Overdrive. Crank it up, sing the song of your kingdom and let her name ring out. Finally, you can find your Princess here and not in another castle!

The Princess Clang is a modified upgrade of a pedal with pedigree whose lineage can be traced to the year 2002. The original Princess Clang was a British-voiced overdrive with a single tone control and a “Brilliance” switch. We’ve since added a two-band tone stack and a distinct active midrange Contour control to help sculpt your drive tone and we’ve increased both the gain and output levels of the Princess Clang. The result is a magnificent, versatile drive pedal that covers distortion, overdrive and clean boost territory, while still retaining its own regal character.


  • Five knobs to control Level, Drive, Bass, Treble and Contour
  • True Bypass Switching with a Latching Relay and Soft-Touch Footswitch
  • 9-volt operation and a standard DC input

Alexander Pedals will donate a portion of the proceeds from each Princess Clang to the Pink Fund, a charity that provides short-term aid to breast cancer patients.

$199 street

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