Amptweaker Announces the TightDrive Pro

A feature-packed stomp with three effects loops, dual boosts, and a built-in noise gate.

Cumming, GA (September 12, 2014) -- After hand-building thousands of pedals—12 models based on product suggestionsfrom players the world over—James and Phyllis Brown celebrate Amptweaker’s 5th anniversary with the release of the TightDrive Pro. Having received more feedback (sorry) for this model than any other, the resulting Swiss Army overdrive has dual boosts, three effects loops, built-in noise gate, and many different boost and drive options requested by customers. The high gain switch gives two distinct tones: a transparent cleaner boost, or higher gain mid-boost-style drive.

The TightDrive Pro has two Boost knobs—one before and one after the distortion. The Volume Boost has been tweaked to cut or boost the volume, so it’s easy to balance the tones, or boost the gain and/or volume for the perfect solo tone! Patch your favorite delay into the boost effects loop for one-stomp control between overdriven rhythm and lead.

A smooth edge switch cuts high-end sizzle for the warmer edge of the TightDrive, and two fat switches give the normal or boosted tones a thicker attack with a bit more compression. A three-band EQ gives flexibility, with its PlexEQ button for more traditional stack tones. A new cleaner noise gate is also included, which tracks the gain knob and has an internal adjustment.

Amptweaker pedals are known for effects loops, and this one has three: a universal loop, the Boost loop, and our popular SideTrak loop which activates when the pedal is off, to automatically switch in/out clean effects. Other standard Amptweaker features include 9-18V operation and true bypass switching.

For more information:

A smart, potent boost that’s much more than meets the eye.

A well-built and truly great-sounding boost/line-driver pedal boasting a handful of clever bonus functions.

Some buyers might find it a little pricey.


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