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Ananashead Launches the Meteorite Fuzz

A vintage-style fuzz that includes an additional gain stage.

Barcelona, Spain (September 25, 2018) -- Adding to the line of vintage fuzzboxes, Ananashead has unleashed a new stompbox, the Meteorite, our take on the silicon Rite type fuzzes.

The Meteorite is a hairy vintage fuzz that can be either sputtery, gated or thick by adjusting its depth control. The originals did not have a great amount of volume, but this one features an extra gain stage that will make it cut through in a band situation. A great tool for garage, punk and surf tones that can help to catch the sounds of The Ventures, Dave Allan or Iron Butterfly.

The pedal offers the following features:

  • Two knobs to control volume and depth
  • Shielded inputs/outputs to avoid RF
  • Filtered and protected 9VDC input
  • Daisy-chain friendly
  • Popless true bypass switching
  • Low current draw, 2mA

The Metorite pedal is hand-made in Barcelona with careful selected components and have a price of 100.00€. The pedals are available and can be purchased directly from the Ananashead online store at

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information: