The new lineup of guitars aim to give players the same quality and design, but with a simple and rugged finish process that lowers price while also decreasing build time.

Haarlem, Netherlands (April 25, 2019) -- Over the last 10 years, Aristides Instruments have established themselves as a trusted source for alternative-material guitars used by touring musicians worldwide. Their proprietary material “Arium” & one-piece injection-molded construction makes for well-balanced, sustaining tone & a neck resistant to movement in any climate. Of course, this comes at a substantial manufacturing cost, & their new Raw-Series guitars aim to give players the same quality & design but with a simple & rugged finish process that lowers price & decreases build time.

"The Raw Series is the most exciting development for us so far. Raw models are unpainted - dyed in the mold, then hand-sanded & sealed. They’re the exact same quality of instrument with a lower cost & shorter build time. Built with the same design by the same people with the same method & high quality standards. It's a great option for someone who doesn't need a crazy finish. We’re happy that guitarists really see the merit in both our unique construction method & our attention to detail, which can now be brought to more people.”

Aristides Raw-Series Instruments feature:

  • Available in 6, 7, or 8 strings - straight scale or multiscale
  • Choice of Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, or Anthracite solid textured satin colors
  • One-piece injection molded construction for optimal resonance & durability
  • Arium - exclusive material for balanced tone & long sustain
  • Stainless steel frets, Hipshot hardware, locking tuners, compound radius, TUSQ nut
  • Milled steel string-thru sustain block, translucent backplate, Luminlay side dots
  • Fishman Fluence Modern or Classic + Rechargeable USB pack included in base price
  • Lundgren or Bare Knuckle Pickups for multiscale instruments included in base price
  • Includes Mono sleeve, strap, strap locks, & other case candy
  • Versatile Tone - cover any genre with a great-feeling easy to play instrument
  • Durable Construction - never worry about neck warp again
  • Luthier Built - intense attention to detail & quality control from start to finish

Watch the Company's Demo:

As demonstrated by Timo Somers (rock) & Jackel Pun (metal). Aristides R-Series start at €2190

For more information:
Aristides Instruments

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