2009 Gibson ZW BFG
When I was going through the factory a while ago, I was looking at the tops coming out and they had a whole bunch of Standard tops. When the tops came out I thought they looked badass. I told them, “You guys ought to make a guitar like this, without any veneer, no paint, no stain.” The guitar completely breathes when it’s just bare wood. We talked about that and then eventually they made the BFG, or Barely Finished Guitar. I always called it the “Raw Top.” When they made the BFGs, they chambered them because a lot of cats are just like, “Les Pauls are great, I dig them, but standing up and playing them for a couple of hours and I’m ready to see the chiropractor.” That’s usually the complaint with a Les Paul, especially a Les Paul Custom. When I got it, I wondered what it would be like with a chambered body; maybe it would be too thin sounding. I was beyond shocked at how badass it sounds. The top end cuts, but it doesn’t rip your head off. There's a big difference between a good loud and, “Honestly, just stop.” [Laughs.] The spectrum of tone and fidelity of it is just phenomenal.