Since Hendrix, Cream, and the Who signaled the dawn of 100-watt-driven heavy music, hard rock and metal guitarists have coveted tools for pushing the boundaries in genres where subtlety rarely matters. In the old days, there weren’t too many heavy amp merchants—Orange, Marshall, and Laney were about it for a long time.

Fast-forward to present day. Rock and metal guitarists now have more options than ever to sate their jones for all things heavy. The sea of choices means the biggest problem isn’t whether the ideal amp exists, but which one will deliver the goods.

With the hope of making your own quest for heavy a little easier, we’ve compiled a roundup of four monstrously heavy amplifiers—the Randall Satan Ola Englund signature model, Engl Invader II E642/2, the tiny but terrifying Mesa/Boogie Mark Five: 25, and the Friedman Double J Jerry Cantrell signature model. Each one delivers monstrously heavy tone in unique ways, underscoring just how many cool options now exist in this realm.

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