Acoustic amplification has gotten more sophisticated over the years. These days, players seeking pure amplified tone have a mouth-watering array of options. Ranging in size, price, and features, here are a few you might want to consider.

AER Compact 60/3

At less than 15 pounds, this 2-channel 60-watt amp is extremely portable, yet it can still fill a room with clean volume. Onboard effects include reverb, chorus, and delay.
$1,199 street


Boasting four inputs for instruments or vocals, this 2x8 neodymium combo features discrete 3-band EQ for each channel and two programmable digital-effect processors with LCD readouts.

$499 street

Fishman Loudbox Performer

The 180-watt Loudbox Performer features independent 3-band EQ for each channel, feedback-fighting controls, onboard digital effects, a kickstand for a 50-degree tilt, and phantom power.
$769 street