Fullerton, CA (October 28, 2015) -- – The ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90 has quickly become one of the most popular ASATs ever, and now the new Bluesboy 90 Semi-Hollow adds G&L’s distinctive twin voice chambers and f-hole to a beautiful swamp ash body. As with the original Bluesboy, the single-coil G&L Magnetic Field Design bridge pickup created by Leo Fender delivers crisp attack with complex harmonics while individual brass saddles offer modern levels of intonation refinement. Flip to the G&L P-90 in the neck position and there's a whole lot of bluesy tone but with more harmonics than a humbucker can offer. What’s more, the neck+bridge combo dishes out glorious jangly tone.

Made in the historic G&L facility on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California, the ASAT Classic Bluesboy 90 Semi-Hollow is available with a wide range of custom options. MSRP starts at $2,430.

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