Seattle, Washington (April 23, 2016) -- Washington based audio cable company Sinasoid announced today that the OEM Sinasoid Signature Slate instrument cable will now be available in a coiled version. Like the Signature Slate, the Slate Coil is entirely manufactured in the United States, and features the same build quality and tonal characteristics of the Sinasoid Signature Slate.

Foregoing the matte gray finish of the Signature Slate, the Slate Coil is housed in a semi­gloss cream jacket as requested by popular demand of the Sinasoid customer base. The Slate Coil features the low capacitance rating, core, and double Reussen shielding of the Signature Slate, and will ship as 35’ of Slate wound into a seven to 15’ extender.The Slate Coil will initially ship with only G&H plug options, making the final product completely manufactured, assembled, packed, and shipped in the United States.

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