Pelham, NH (September 6, 2016) -- Offering a boutique handbuilt, all-tube design with features and tones aimed at gigging and recording musicians who cover many styles, but with more of an emphasis on rock, hard rock, and metal styles.

The Triptik V2 is available in two power levels. LP (Low Power up to 50W) and HP (High Power up to 130W) It is the first amplifier to feature the new AutoBiasMon system, a fully automatic biasing and tube monitoring system which means players will never again be plagued with bad tone due to variances in wall voltage and Power Tube changes/rebias becomes a two-minute breeze.


  • LP Model can run EL34/6L6/KT77 for 50W or 6V6 for 18W
  • HP Model can run EL34/6L6/KT77 for 100W or KT/88/6550 for 130W
  • 3 channels, independent EQ for clean and overdrive and separate master volumes
  • Silent microcontroller-controlled relay switching
  • 6 x preamp Tubes (5x12AX7, 1xNOS 12AU7)
  • Beautiful clean channel that can go from crystal clean to a little bit crunchy with a parallel triode input stage for super-low noise floor and tons of headroom.
  • OD channels can be scaled from a blues monster to a classic rock legend to an all-out modern fire breather with ultra-tight low end. Can be dialed in for super smooth to very aggressive.
  • Separate input level controls for clean and overdrive
  • Small footprint head cabinet (20”)
  • Switchable tube-buffered FX loop using NOS 12AU7
  • 4-button electronic foot controller (5 Optional) uses standard 3-pin XLR cable
  • Front panel channel switch and tri-color LED for when the foot controller is not connected.
  • AutoBiasMon system with tri-color LED and calibrate button, calculates and controls the perfect bias point for the power tubes fully automatically. It also monitors power tube condition

The MSRP for the Triptik V2 Tube Amplifier is $3495.00 to $3695.00

For more information:
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