Cincinnati, OH (April 4, 2019) -- Adding to KSR Amplification’s line of boutique guitar amplifiers and speaker cabinets is their first guitar pedal, the Ceres. Perfect for travel rigs, recording rigs, and adding tonal options to any amp, this 3-channel preamp distills the high-gain, crunch, and clean tones KSR is known for into a pedal format.

An incredible amount of functionality is designed into this compact 5.7” x 4.7” pedal:

  • Bypass mode configuration switch – True-Bypass, Buffered Bypass, or Clean Channel
  • Rhythm and Lead channels with independent Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level controls
  • Harkening back to its amplifiers, the dirt channels also feature Bright, Feel, and Mode switches
  • Clean channel with Tone and Level controls
  • Unique color-changing lit logo to indicate current channel and status
  • External control input for operation from any contact closure input, as well as future expansion
  • Operation from standard 9V power adapter
  • Customizable enclosure and knob color options
  • Made completely in-house (no outsourcing)

The Ceres starts at $400 USD street, with custom color options starting at $450.

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