Aarhus, Denmark (June 7, 2019) -- Offering freedom to move away from the pedalboard, Noatronic Onboard Expression delivers tactile control to the guitar without changing it’s aesthetics or construction.

The system consists of a Controller and a Receiver. The Controller is a potentiometer with a center detent and push-push switch replacing a tone potentiometer in the guitar.

The guitar is connected with a stereo (TRS) cable to the Receiver, which reads the Controller position and push-push switch status. The Receiver is true bypass and it communicates with pedals, amps and amp modelers using these outputs:

  • MIDI out - Expression CC, Bypass CC, Preset PC and Snapshot/Scene CC
  • Expression out - Simulates an expression pedal when turning the Controller
  • Switch out - Simulates a footswitch when pressing the Controller

Noatronic Onboard Expression is designed and made in Denmark. Available worldwide at Noatronic.com for $249 / €249

Watch the company's video demo:

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