Coiled guitar cables that look like those of yesteryear have been making a comeback. While the hip factor of using a coiled cable remains strong as ever, today’s higher-quality cables won’t necessarily crackle and gobble up as much top end as they were known to do back in the day. Here are 10, to get your Jimi on.


30' Coiled Cable
These cables feature multiple shielding materials to preserve the signal with low handling noise, and a durable PVC jacket exterior for long-lasting performance.
$39 street 


VCCFor players looking for a retro look but wanting modern reliability, these cables boast 99-percent-purity, oxygen-free, copper cable conductors for superior sound.

$34 street 


Prolink Monster Classic Pro
These lightweight and flexible cables feature all-metal connectors, a robust outer jacket, and 90-percent copper spiral-wrap shielding.
$45 street 


Retro Coil
Available in a variety of vibrant colors and color combos, these cables feature a proprietary outer jacket designed with ruggedness, light weight, and durability in mind.
$65 street 


30' Clear Coil Cable
These cables feature oversized, relaxed coils that do not kink or lose shape, and dual shielding to assist in providing the best possible noise and signal integrity.
$49 street