Akron, OH (August 22, 2019) -- For those who may have missed out on the first edition in the collaboration between Akron-based effects shamans EarthQuaker Devices and sonic druids' SUNN O))), never fear: there's a second chance at a Life Pedal on its way. When initially released last June, the first limited-edition run of 1,000 Life Pedals-an octave distortion and booster-sold out within just a few hours.

Today, another opportunity to immerse yourself in the full spectrum overdriven sonic palette as used on SUNN O)))'s universally acclaimed Life Metal album, released April 26th through Southern Lord, reveals itself. The circuitry remains the same as the first round, with a coveted LM308 chip helping to capture the same rich, deeply saturated tones of the band's sessions with the legendary Steve Albini during the creation of Life Metal. Custom folded aluminum enclosure, Analog octave blending, Hand-picked components, and three clipping options are some of the features of this saturation monster. 100 of the Life Pedals available on Reverb will be paired with the namesake LP.

Life Pedal is restricted to only 500 units - 300 sold exclusively through Reverb while the remaining 200 will be sold by Sunn O))) directly on the road in the coming weeks.

Order the Life Pedal on August 22nd at 11am EST at THIS LOCATION.

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