North Collins, NY (June 16, 2020) -- Lightning Boy Audio has introduced the 2020 Instrument Transformer to help bridge the gap between FX pedals and studio gear. This is a 1:1 ratio, high impedance, studio-grade audio transformer in a small pedal enclosure. It was designed specifically for use with high impedance instruments and FX pedals. The 2020 can be placed anywhere in your instrument's signal chain (1/4" jacks), to add some studio transformer tone. The tonal effect becomes magnified when either multiple 2020’s are added to your chain or when one becomes saturated by a boost pedal.

The 2020 requires no power supply to operate, introduces no noise, and exhibits extremely low insertion loss, all while providing an exceptionally wide bandwidth. The 2020 Instrument Transformer was designed and is manufactured by Lightning Boy Audio in the USA.

Available for $99 USD direct from

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