Paris, France (January 29, 2021) -- HyVibe Audio, a sound technology company that uses vibration technology to create the purest possible sound from any object, has seen an enormous increase in demand for their guitars during the pandemic. While the HyVibe system has only been available integrated in a line of beautiful high-quality Lâg guitars, the company now offers the HyVibe System, a small device that can be installed on any guitar. The HyVibe System uses a sensor, high speed processor, and two actuators to transform any acoustic guitar into its own self-amplifying multi-effect processor, looper, amplifier, and Bluetooth speaker - all without cables, amps, or pedals.

This device will inspire any player to play more music at home, on the go, or on the stage. Whether jamming over streamed backing tracks, creating own effects with the HyVibe mobile app, or using the looper to work on new solo melodies, the HyVibe System will transform your guitar into a whole new instrument.

HyVibe’s patented technology works by first using a standard piezo sensor to measure the vibrations from the strings. This signal is sent to a processor, and then the two actuators to excite the guitar, under the top plate, near the bridge, to utilize the best resonances of the instrument. Then, the vibrations are measured again sent back to the processor to optimize the sound and even eliminate feedback. This cycle is done with less than 23 microseconds of latency!

The HyVibe System will be available for $390 from the manufacturer’s website

While handy guitarists will be able to install the device themselves, HyVibe recommends professional installation and is currently signing up dealers and shops to become authorized installers. The installation takes approximately 1 hour by a trained professional. For more information and to sign up, please visit:

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